Day Pack (4 pocket)
With this bag you can pack everything and the kitchen sink. It has one huge main compartment and four outer pockets 2 small ones and 2 larger ones. it is made of heavy grade 600D fabric and comes standard with heavy type 10 nylon zips.
Bugzie Backpack
This item is made of a heavy grade fabric and has one main compartment as well as one outer pocket.
Range Ammo Bag
This is perfect for range days it is a single main compartment bag that is able to store 100's of round or spent cartridges.
Med Barrel Bag
A straight forward one compartment bag made from heavy 600D fabric and Type 10 Nylon zips. Perfect Gym or Range kit bag.
Tool Sling Bag (Patrol Bag)
This is one of the icon's of Durban the famous Sad Sacks tool bags it is made from heavy 600D fabric has one main compartment and two outer pockets all with velcro closure. it has a soild shoulder strap the is sewn directly to the bag.
D Bag
The old faithful fishing bag that every dad and grandpa had back in the day. they are still manufactured and sold at Sad Sacks. It is made of a ripstop polymide canvas (100% waterproof) and the lid closes with buckles.
Sling Bag
Back to basic's the sling bag from the past. This bag comes in a heavy 600D Fabric or ripstop polymide canvas it has a set length shoulder strap and has velcro to close the lid.
Rifle Bags
Rifle Bags made for any size firearm. They are made with a Heavy 600D outer and one inch thick padding a type 10 nylon zip. We currently have 50" hunting rifle , shotgun and LM5 bags in stock.
Police Para Back Pack
A back pack that is perfect for patrol. Made from a heavy 600D Black Nylon fabric that is water resistant. Comes with the Type 10 heavy zip and has a detactable Police badge. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT SOLD TO THE PUBLIC POLICE ID IS REQUIRED.
Para Back Pack
It has the same specs as the Police Para Back Pack but comes in Black , Olive Drab, Camo. These can be sold to the public with no Police branding.
HP 1 Bag
Has the same specs as the D bag but has an added pocket on the front.
HP3 Bag
Same specs as the D bag but has 3 extra pockets on the outside.
2nd Hand Army Patrol Bag
These are not always available but we do get stock of them. They are army surplus and are the real thing. they make awesome tool bags and fishing bags.
Motorcycle Pannier Bags
Pannier Bags made of Polymide ripstop. Fits most Motorcycle. They are dustproof and waterproof.